The Rich Young Ruler - Matthew 19:16-26

Recently I had the privilege of preaching at a 'Gospel Camp' hosted by the Salt Lake City Christian Chinese Church .  Our theme for the weekend was "Questions Worth Pursuing" and we looked at four Gospel questions asked of Jesus by various characters throughout the Gospels.  Bryan Catherman, a fellow pastor at Risen Life Church, preached two sermons and I preached the others.  We had a great time preaching the Gospel to the youth and college English congregation at the Salt Lake City Christian Chinese Church.

Here are the four questions we looked at and the texts that we used:

Session 1 - What must I do to be saved?, Matthew 19, Jared Jenkins
Session 2 - Why don't you live according to tradition?, Matthew 15 & Mark 7, Bryan Catherman
Session 3 - Which is the greatest commandment?, Matthew 22 & Mark 12, Bryan Catherman
Session 4 - Are you the Christ?  Is this it?, or as I like to say “Really?”John 3, Jared Jenkins

Here is a link to my sermon from Session 1 dealing with the question from the Rich Young Ruler in Matthew 19:16-26.  In this passage Jesus answers the question from the Rich Young Ruler, "What must I do to receive eternal life?".

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