Daniel 2:1-30 God's Sovereignty, A Comfort in Adversity

It was my privilege to preach at Risen Life Church this week for the first time as the Student Pastor.  Our church has been steadily working through the book of Daniel and each of the four preaching pastors selected their favorite chapter in Daniel to preach.  I selected Daniel 2:1-30.

I have always been particularly captivated by Daniel’s prayer in Daniel 2:20-23.  It is here that Daniel praises God for revealing to him both Nebechadnezzer’s dream and its interpretation.  In addition, we get an insight into what Daniel believes about the God he loves.  Daniel understands God to be the one who is in control of all things including: wisdom, power, the movements of the world, rulers and kingdoms, and even good and evil.

The main point of my sermon is that God in the person of Jesus Christ is the one who sits sovereignly on the throne of all creation and must sit on the throne of our lives if we are to respond faithfully to adversity.

To unpack this main idea, I work through three major sections of the passage as follows:

I. The Story of Daniel and the Dream Interpretation – Looking at How Daniel Responds in Faith
II. Daniel’s Prayer – Daniel’s Comfort and Faithfulness Rooted in the Character of God.
III. How we respond to Daniel’s God in the Face of Christ.

I hope you enjoy the sermon and it moves you closer to Christ.  As always, I love to hear from you.  Please click on the contact page to send feedback.

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