Pray for Your Neighbors, Pray for Your City! -

Prayer is challenging. Praying for family, friends, direction in life, crisis situations, wisdom, health concerns, and opportunities for evangelism can be daunting. Because prayer can seem so overwhelming, I wanted to highlight a website that I have found helpful to keep me praying for the salvation of my neighbors and my city. The website is called

Anna Blunden - "For Only One Short Hour" - Google Art ProjectBasically, sends you a personalized prayer list including five of your one-hundred closest neighbors each day for you to pray for. You are able to adjust your list as needed, but the website keeps track of who you have prayed for as you check each name off the list. You can also print off a map, which lists your closest neighbors, and use it as a prayer guide as you walk around your neighborhood. The website also has several prayer guides and instructions for conducting a prayer walk in your neighborhood if you want to take another “step” in praying for your neighbors. also has a church module (for a small subscription fee) to help churches launch a prayer campaign in their church. In this module, you can see who signed up from your church to pray, what areas of town they are praying for, and launch materials to help the church get started with their campaign. The website is a great tool if your church wants to launch a prayer campaign and help it’s members be faithful in actually praying.

The website is simple. Provide the necessary account information and then you will begin receiving daily emails with that day’s prayer list. I usually receive the list on my phone and I pray for each neighbor by name. I pray that God would reveal himself to them in the person of Christ, that my neighbors would come to saving faith in Him, and that they might come to Risen Life Church. I then pray for divine opportunities to share the Gospel with my neighbors in person. I have found this website has helped me faithfully pray for the salvation of my neighbors. The website has also helped me to keep evangelism on the forefront of my mind. Just that quick, daily email has been a great reminder for me to engage in the great commission from Matthew 28:18-20 and the opportunity that I have to partner with the Lord in His ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:11-21). I am looking forward to the divine appointments God will give me with my neighbors because I have been faithful to pray for them.

I would highly encourage you to sign up and begin praying for your neighbors and their salvation. If you live in a city like mine, you may be the only one praying for your neighbors. What will God do if we as the church begin praying for the people that live around us and in our very own neighborhoods?
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